Our History

In the years since the OUHSC Sonography program’s inception (back in the 1970s), a few different ultrasound societies have tried to start-up with some initial success, but none stood the test of time. As the reputation of the school grew, and Sonography became a more popular modality, it was apparent that OKC lacked a local ultrasound society. As OKC became a hotbed of ultrasound activity, the idea of local organization was lurking, but no organization was ever established. Finally, in the year 2000, a group of dedicated sonographers came together to form the Oklahoma Sonographer Society (OSS). The OSS was established so sonographers would have a place to broaden their scope of practice, learn new advancements in the field, and have fellowship with peers. After a few years, the OSS expanded its membership base to include Tulsa sonographers. Thanks to OUHSC, we can broadcast our live meetings to Tulsa.

The OSS meets on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, November. We provide a light dinner at each meeting and approximately 2 CME’s per session. We strive to offer diversity in our topics and to provide information that is relevant to our members. Most of our speakers are local physicians who are considered experts in their field of interest. We also try to announce local job openings and partner with the program directors and clinical director of OUHSC to pass along any relevant announcements or information that may be of interest to our sonographers. Since beginning in the year 2000, OSS has evolved into a strong network of sonographers in the OKC, Norman, and Tulsa area. To expand our reach, provide easier access to upcoming events/information to our members, and to streamline processes (dues payments, meeting RSVP’s, etc.), we established this website and our Facebook group. We intend to use this website to pass along relevant information, pay dues, see upcoming meetings, and serve as a forum for our members.