Annual Dues

Oklahoma Sonography Society annual membership run from January to December each year. For OKC registered sonographer’s dues are $35, OKC and Tulsa student sonographer dues are $15, and Tulsa registered sonographer’s dues are $20. The reason for the difference in dues is because OKC provides meals for their meetings and Tulsa previously did not. It was decided we could provide meals for Tulsa after the year had begun so it was not right for us to change the dues once the year had begun.  Dues will be changed for 2023 for Tulsa  to match what OKC members pay.

If you are attending via Zoom, please understand you will only be counted as attended if you are present in the first 15 minutes once the presentation has started. This makes 6:30 pm the cut off time. If you have not joined at the time, you will not be marked as attended and you will not be awarded a CME.

Select the appropriate button below and please fill out the form. Once the form is submitted you will be directed over to PayPal for payment. If you have any questions or problems please send us a message on our contact page.